Short-term Projects

Various short-term projects where I practiced design skills

PhET Simulation

TEAM: Kaiwei Wang, Zhonghe Wen, Zhao Yang

DATE: Oct 2017

PhET is a collection of web applications that use interactive and gamified simulations to help students learn scientific/mathematical concepts. The simulations have target audiences ranging from elementary school students to college students. Currently, most of the simulations rely on visual representations to convey their (change of) content, limiting its usability and accessibility to certain users. This project aims to do research and design sounds that sonify PhET simulations in an intuitive and engaging way. We chose to start with the top popular simulation, Build an Atom which lets students build an atom out of protons, neutrons and electrons, and see how the element, net charge, and mass change.

Dance to Music

TEAM: Ranyi Huang

DATE: April 2016

The objective of this project is to connect body movements with music via the sensors and emotion recognition. The music that expresses the same emotion with body movements will be played out by computer. Meanwhile, there will be visualization of the music and emotion to enhance the experience. I was responsible for the software design and implementation while the other teammate took charge of the physical product design and fabrication.

How it works


The system consists of two movement detectors (9-axis inertial motion sensor), one data transmitter (Arduino) and a simple software(Processing).


The two movement detectors should be attached to wrist and ankle. When user moves body at his mood, the detectors would measure the movements then transmits the motion data to data transmitter through Bluetooth. The computer receives the data from the transmitter and recognize the emotion in the movements based on the research results of prior projects. The software written with Processing reads the port, maps the emotion to emotion-music space and plays the music that expresses the same emotion. The software also visualizes the emotion with facial expression and background color.

UI Design


Home page


Device disconnected


Music visualization


Button hover effects


TEAM: Zedong Zeng, Zhen Qin

DATE: Apr 2015

We are assigned to design an interactive device within a given theme, Let's fly. Our idea was to make a photo studio that takes picture of people as if they were flying in the sky.

Coin Recognition App

TEAM: Individual Project

DATE: Feb 2015


TEAM: Zedong Zeng, Zhixiong Lu

DATE: Dec 2014

Chinese Longevity Lock Pacifiers

TEAM: Lili Fu, Min Zou

DATE: Feb 2014

Extracted elements from Chinese longeveity lock and other traditional decorations like propitious cloud and made them into the pacifiers.