New Macy's Experience

A vision to bring next-level convenience and personalization to the retail environment


Course Project


March - May 2017


Jordan Movish
Heydn Ericson


Service Design


This project is aimed to transform the Macy's retail environment with an entirely new way to shop. Our focus is mainly on the clothes section. We investigated into the existing problems of shopping in Macy's by interviewing Macy's managers and tried to understood its business model. Finally we came up with a new convenient, personalized and immersive shopping experience with a design of Macy's wearable and mobile app.

My role

We did investigation and brainstormed the ideas together. Then I was responsible for creating various maps, UI design for the kiosk and mobile app interfaces. I also acted and edited the final demo video.


Literature review, interview, stakeholder map, customer journey map, persona, brainstorming


Paper&pen, Sketch, Photoshop, Rhino, Keyshot, After Effects


Background research

Macy's Branding

Macy’s is an old company which views itself as an innovator and an affordable luxury retailer. Its own brand visions are:

- Macy’s Inc. is a premier omnichannel retailer with iconic brands that serve customers through outstanding stores, dynamic online sites and mobile apps

- We are Macy’s, America’s department store. We are our customer’s first choice for fashion and affordable luxury.

Retailer Trends


According to an Accenture Interactive study, “56% of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer in store or online that recognizes them by name.” Personalization will become increasingly important to consumers.


Omnichannel is now the standard. Retailers will continue to invest in their omnichannel strategies to provide seamless and consistent experience across channels.


Data will continue to be a significant component of retail success. More retailers will apply data to every part of the retail process, from the supply chain all the way to the post-purchase stage of the buyer’s journey.

In-store research

Customer habits & pain points

Lost in a Maze

In a store the size of Macy‘s, particular attention must be paid to helping shoppers navigate the space and find what they are looking for.Finding the right size or the help of a sales attendant is also time-consuming and frustrating.

Without a Helping Hand

It takes a free hand to grab products from the rack. With coffee, cell phones, and other items in hand, customers are not able to easily gather items to try on and evaluate. It‘s not uncommon to see a customer with both hands full and products draped over their shoulders and arms.

Shopping is Social

Customers are not making their shopping decisions alone. They seek feedback on their selections by shopping with friends, family, and partners. Groups of shoppers want to travel the store in packs, but it‘s not very easy to stay together and keep all parties engaged.

Issues with the Store Environment

Stimulus Overload

Macy‘s offers an incredible variety of items, which can be exciting and compelling to shoppers. However, an overabundance of stimulus is a burden that negatively impacts the shopping experience.

A Lack of Order and Purpose

Narrow aisles and clothing racks jammed with items overwhelm customers and cheapens their perception of the products. Folded items on tables are quickly turned to into messy bundles that prevent easy identification and push customers away.

Unclear Identity

Customers are searching for an experience that is directed at their individual needs. Currently, the layout of Macy‘s does not cater to this demand. Amongst the vast options offered in the store, it is difficult to determine which customers are being targeted.


Stakeholder map


Based on our previous research and a phone interview with a manager in Macy's, we built 9 personas. The 3 primary ones are:

Customer Journeys


3 Concepts

We had brainstorming sessions to come up with multiple ideas. We finally decided on 3 ones that we thought were most promising.

Cell Tap

A single item is displayed as a stand-alone item or together with other singular items as an outfit. By tapping their cell phone to strategically located sensors near clothes options, shoppers can save items to their wish list or have them transferred to a dressing room. Integrating this system will also provide immediate feedback about whether the item is available in their size, whether it is on sale, and potential matching items that could assemble into a stunning outfit.

"An assistant will find you"

Shoppers can use the Macy’s app to request a sales associate who will find and engage that customer anywhere in the store. Customers that have an established relationship with certain associates will be able to request their help. In other cases, shoppers will be matched with

The Dressing Room as Social Event

In another concept, some dressing rooms are completely redeveloped to accommodate social shopping. Several dressing rooms are clustered around comfortable, social private areas that can accommodate groups of friends as they shop. Devices are available to explore items available in the store and have them brought to the dressing room.

Final idea

Our final idea is a hands-free shopping experience aided by a smart device which is either a Macy's smart bracelet or Macy's app on mobile. They can browse and order on the smart device. All the clothes they order will be sent to the assigned dressing room when they want to try on. They can also order directly in the fitting room for different size or matched outfit. After they try on clothes, they can decide which clothes to buy and continue shopping without carrying on the clothes. All they clothes will be packed and handed to them by an associate when they complete purchase.

The Wearable Shopping Experience

The wearable is mainly aimed for new customers who don't want to download the Macy's app. Returned customer who has an app can also choose to sync the app with the bracelet. With the New Macy‘s Wearable, guests can shop for items without searching through densely packed racks for their size or the right style. With both hands free, they simply tap their wrist on nearby displays, select their size and style and their clothes are magically transported to the dressing room or readied for purchase. By syncing with the Macy‘s mobile app, the items on their wish lists can be waiting for them to try on the moment they arrive.

The Mobile Touch Experience

For shoppers that prefer not to use the wearable, the Macy‘s app can be used instead. Using this method, customers can even use their purchase history or upload their size preferences into their phone and the rack displays will automatically select the item that will meets their needs.


The New Store Layout

The Showroom Floor

Moving excess inventory to the backroom

Large quantities of clothing lead to messy racks and tables of clothing which deter purchases and hurt guest perceptions of the products offered. A showroom floor will decongest the sales area and bring a refreshing, open environment for guests to browse and explore the store.

Dressing Rooms that ‘WOW’

Customizable environments

Dressing Room Interfaces allow guests to manipulate their environment to view their new clothes in a variety of contexts.

Order and receive new items in the room

The new dressing room allows guests to order new sizes/colors/styles from the in-room interface which will be quickly delivered by the automatic delivery system.

The Automation-Assisted Backroom

Make Way for the Showroom

This delivery system will operate similarly to networked system of conveyors, capable of moving products from the backroom to the dressing room and checkout areas.

Streamlining Inventory

RFID tags on clothing items will allow for simpler, more accurate inventory maintenance and rapidly update availability.

The Macy’s Wearable

Creating Memories at Macy’s

Low-cost technology in the wearable means guests can leave with a keepsake of their experience. This creates a unique touchpoint that leave the store and build brand loyalty.

Brand Sponsorship and Advertising

The wearable could also be used as a novel opportunity for brands to advertise their products or special offers on their products.

The Macy's App

Mobile is Ubiquitous, Brand Differentiation is Essential

In addition to using these devices for Tap-Shopping, the New Macy‘s will bring an assortment of unique features to distinguish the brand‘s already well-developed mobile platform:

- using the digital inventory system to offer personalized sales updates and alerts

- tracking customer in-store interactions to get to know their habits and preferences and offer more personalized experience.

Helping Associates Connect with Customers

Using the unique identifiers in the wearable or mobile app, associates will be able to quickly learn a customer‘s preferences and find the best associate to meet their needs. Using this same technology, associates will be able to track in-store customer‚ hotspots where help is in higher demand and travel to those areas to assist.